About Us

In the early 1980's, PROSE was founded on the concept of recycling quality made office systems furniture by reusing the core of the original product and applying new paint, laminate and fabric finishes to revitalize the office work station.

The company was founded by Steve Walta and Dave Trower, both of whom are actively involved in the business today, soon realized the opportunity to fill a void in the marketplace. These resourceful men were pioneers in refurbishing quality systems furniture and developed an efficient process. The name PROSE reflects this venture;


Prose is based in a 50,000 square foot facility in Bonner Springs, Kansas (Kansas City Metro area) and focuses on the four state region including Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa. Inside this facility, the complete operation takes place. The experienced Prose staff will perform and control all aspects of the refurbishment process under one roof, then deliver and install the furniture in your office. By using Prose, you benefit the environment by recycling, using local employees to stimulate the economy and re-energizing your office environment with like new furniture, all at a significant cost savings!