Prose Pre-owned "As Is" Furniture

PROSE - Refurbish, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Our pre owned "as is" furniture all has some wear and use, and will need some work to look their best. If you wish to purchase as is furniture from Prose, it may be purchased at the as-is price, or, you may purchase the item at a reduced price if you also hire us to do the needed restoration work. In some cases only a little bit of TLC will bring the furniture to a very respectable level.

Our as is furniture usually includes tables, office chairs, conference rooms and cubicles in various conditions. We specialize in buying factory discontinued furniture, scratch and dent, factory showroom close outs and more.

Pre-owned does not mean old or in disrepair; it simply may mean that the furniture, such as an office chair or a cubicle, could have a dent or a fabric rip or a paint chip missing, but still they are very affordable and usable, and provide years of service. At Prose we give you an option that is not only easy on your office furniture budget, but it's easy on the environment as well.