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PROSE - Refurbish, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Not only is Prose refurbished, used, or "as is" office furniture easy on the budget, it is easy on the environment as well. If you are looking to start a "Going Green" campaign at your company, or if you are already committed to the effort and are looking for a way to showcase that commitment, look no further than Prose. If your office is in need of redecorating or reorganizing, let us take your furniture and refurbish it to it's original luster. Or, if you need different furniture, then consider Prose quality refurbished furniture - we'll even let you use your existing furniture as a trade-in. Even if all you are looking for is something that is easy on your budget, Prose can satisfy that requirement, and you can also be proud to know that your choice helps the environment too.

Our refurbished, pre-owned "as is" and used furniture can be thought of as "recycled" office furniture. Instead of old furniture being discarded in land fills, and excess energy being used to create new furniture from ever more limited natural resources, Prose offers an alternative that is not only affordable, but just makes sense in the world in which we live today.

And, remember: "Recycled" does not mean old or in disrepair; in almost all cases Prose refurbished furniture is indistinguishable from new. Or, it simply may mean that the furniture, such as an office chair or a cubicle, has been "gently used," but is still very affordable and usable, and will provide years of service.