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PROSE - Refurbish, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Prose is one of the few office furniture companies today that gives our customers the option of trading in their existing furniture. Since we specialize in refurbishing furniture, we can offer you "like new" refurbished furniture from our existing stock, and take your existing furniture as a trade-in to refurbish for another use. By offering this service, we not only help with your office furniture budget, but the furniture is actually recycled twice.

Prose has a fleet of trucks and a skilled labor force with experience in moving complex office furniture arrangements such as cubicals, conference rooms, etc. We take care of the heavy lifting, and will remove your old furniture and replace it with quality Prose refurbished office furniture.

Normally the type of available furniture includes tables, office chairs, conference rooms and cubicles in various conditions. We specialize in buying factory discontinued furniture, scratch and dent, factory showroom close outs and more. Contact Prose today and let us help you re-design your office environment.